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The planet and all of its inhabitants are moving into an era of accelerated progress, heightened points of tension and new calls to cooperate and evolve together. In response to this great need and opportunity, the world of energy is a reality that is externalizing. It is the reality that all is energy, evolving together through energy. World conditions and progress are being affected and accelerated by this emerging world of energy and its ecosystem of interacting and stimulating energies and forces in profound ways not yet currently fully recognized, understood or incorporated in the many fields of human endeavor, leadership and living.

Today we stand at a unique crossroads of significant opportunity and need. We are in the midst of a high-impact 100-year cycle marked by World Wars I and II. The era of 1914-1945 with its World Wars I and II, humanity’s actions and choices during the wars and the enlightened humanitarianism expressed in response to world need in the immediate aftermath contributed greatly to setting humanity and the planet on an accelerated course of evolution to where we find ourselves today. Many people of goodwill worked quietly and steadfastly behind the scenes with great unwavering courage during those years to help hold the light of understanding and progress in the midst of separative forces of conflict, fear and scarcity; great leaders of great vision came together and unwaveringly laid the foundation for the freedoms and plenty that much of the world now enjoys and also finds challenged today.

Now through 2025 is a profoundly significant window of world opportunity, progress and impacting good. It is setting the groundwork for our next 100-year wave of shared world endeavor, evolution and collaboration from 2025 – 2125 and far beyond.

2025 marks an opening for new energies to externalize in response to the call of humanity’s explorations, experiences, experiments and invocations from the beginning of its existence. Humanity and the planet have called; forces of evolution and good are responding. The extent of humanity’s receiving of this response and its opportunities will be influenced by its actions, choices and points of focus during this important window of preparation up to 2025. Will humanity recognize and rise to what it has called for and set in motion over thousands of years? The world of energy, its stewarding ambassadors and agents of good present in the world today and world servers everywhere have ever actively worked towards this momentous opening and supporting humanity’s important role in it, holding the energies and bringing the opportunities for humanity, the planet and all lives to participate fully and consciously in this preparation for the new incoming era of thriving, evolving and trekking together as citizens of the world of energy for the good of all.

World of Energy is a vital and planned part of this next era of planetary well-being and world progress. World of Energy is bringing new modes of living and culture as a collaborative world endeavor dedicated to the upliftment and well-being of humanity, the planet and all lives through their shared path of thriving, evolving and trekking together through the world of energy. It is stewarding a universal vision, emerging world ideas and collaborative works and causes to bring this universal vision and humanity’s bright future to life.

Four of the most important emerging world ideas that humanity needs to be exposed to, wake up to and apply as its next step of evolution, consciousness and culture to thrive in an increasingly complex and interconnected world – especially during this significant window to 2025 – are:

  • A world collaboration of lives dedicated to good exists on our planet. All lives dedicated to good are on the path of consciously realizing that their work and service are part of one world collaboration. These lives are being impulsed by the externalizing collaborative energies and forces of the world of energy to come together in new ways around new world ideas and opportunities for the progress, well-being and benefit of humanity, our planet and all communities around the world.
  • A world plan of good exists for our planet and the benefit of all lives. The world events that we experience and participate in – points of cooperation, points of opportunity and points of tension – are a working out of this world plan of good as part of this planet’s purpose and path of evolution at this unique point in time.
  • All lives are citizens of the world of energy. We are all, and have always been, not only citizens of the physical world, but also citizens of the world of energy. The world of energy has always existed, shaping and influencing world affairs and personal lives behind the scenes until the moment of humanity reaching its point in evolution and progress together for the world of energy to externalize. That moment has arrived.
  • A collaborative approach of world stewardship is emerging in response to this externalizing energy reality. A collaborative approach of world stewardship is emerging as a culture and way to help lives discover that our purpose and path as citizens of the world of energy is to be wielders and stewards of energy for good and for the good of all. Realizing and sharing the energies we are here to play with and steward is our main job, path and shared adventure in life.


Our wish is that humanity, the planet and all lives have access to the best possible conditions, realizations and resources available through the world of energy to rise and cooperate fully with the current call and window to thrive, evolve and trek together. Our wish is that humanity is able to be collaboratively responsive to the significant energies of our time, choosing the way of good and fulfilling its potential and destiny as world steward on behalf of all lives.

If you are called to help support or collaborate with this call, opportunity and wish, let’s talk.