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“Fields of Impact” are highlighted areas of endeavor and progress that world of energy and world citizens are coming together around to help humanity, communities and our planet thrive and evolve together.

Realizing that everything in existence is energy
From being asleep to the energies all around us to being on the way of realizing that everything in existence is living energy, substantial and evolving – our known and unknown universe, planet earth, humanity and the kingdoms of nature, countries and cities, spaces and places, relationships and organizations, thoughts and feelings, world happenings and every form of life are all living energies coexisting and on a great adventure of evolving together through energy.

Waking up to the reality of living ecosystems of energies and forces
from human- and nation-centric largely academic tools and views for understanding the existence, nature and timing of world-scale conditions and issues affecting all inhabitants of earth to a recognition that our current planetary conditions and the pressing issues facing humanity are all highly influenced and impacted by a living ecosystem of stimulating energies and forces that have yet to be truly realized and accounted for as playing one of the most important roles in world affairs and progress

Investing in the currencies of meditative living and world meditation
from spasmodic misdirecting of energies and being caught up in the currents, eddies and glamour of the unreal to actively investing and existing in the magic and presence of the real through meditative living as a central, highly valued way of being a citizen of the world and force of good

Building a bridge for world progress
from individual human beings and humanity as a whole working and living in separation to waking up to unity as a fact of reality through the one shared high-tech bridge of world progress constructed of energy by the collaboration of 3 linked evolving lives – the Humanity Life, the Deva Live and the Planetary Life

Realizing and fueling greater world collaboration
from humanity’s constructed world matrix that creates, operates and progresses largely unconscious of the greater plan and work that it is a part of to humanity stepping into its role as world stewards working with forces and energies of good in cooperation with our planetary collaborative

Fostering a focus on world service
from the unreality of imprisoning, limiting and diminishing the human spirit and capacity to help and serve to the time, space and resources to make contact with the spirit of service, respond to the high calling that sounds forth from the sources of our inspiration and flow in rapport with world need and high energies that benefit the purpose of our planet and communities of lives dedicated to world service

Evolving world ideas, movements and ways of living
from incomplete, outmoded and limiting ideas, beliefs, modes, institutions, habits and ways of relating, creating and living to responsive, evolving and new world ideas, thoughtforms and frameworks that help humanity and our planet upon its next stage of shared progress through the world of energy

Evolving money, sharing and exchange
from predominantly materialistic and personal appetite-driven uses of money and measurement of value in purely economic terms to an expanded understanding of value and a recognition of money as concretized living and loving energy that evolves, thrives and multiplies through exchange and sharing

Cultivating consciousness and the light in all lives
from an experience of living and interacting with life and lives through the minutiae and the mundane to humanity actively exploring and engaging in the magic of the real; contacting, stimulating, evoking and relating with the soul and evolving consciousness in all forms of life; and cooperatively evoking the light in all lives with an ever-growing spirit of being a vital part of the expanded world of energy

Engaging and empowering the purpose and path of youth
from being mostly unaware of the sacredness and essential window of opportunity that is the incarnation process and childhood to fully welcoming the incoming life into the physical world of being and serving as active stewards nurturing the inherent energies, intelligence, interests, capacities, ideas and purpose that exist in the heart of every incarnating soul

Freedom from death and honoring transition
from fears, uncertainties, confusion, sadness and fields of unrealities and illusions around death to freedom through collectively knowing death as a transition into expanded worlds and existence as a journey of the continuity of being

Compassionate stewarding of animal lives
from human lives and the food industry being unconsciously, passively or stubbornly unresponsive to the intelligent life, needs and suffering of animals to the collective whole of humanity realizing and wisely responding and living as loving friends and stewards of animal lives as co-inhabitants of our planet

Mapping and atlasing the world of energy
from perceiving, relating and interacting with only a small spectrum of reality and the energies and forces that compose and form our physical world to expanding our views, understanding and relationships with the broader worlds of energy and ecosystems of living energies we live in, are a vital part of and are destined to explore and become co-creative stewards of as citizens of the world of energy

Evolving planetary health and the state of the world
from personal and institutional behaviors, approaches and practices that compromise, limit and toxify personal and planetary health due to excessive self-focus, overly physical definitions of health and lack of energy awareness to a more complete understanding and stewardship of the energy constitution, ecosystems, pathways and interrelationships that make up and affect the health systems of people and the planet

Harmonizing world relations
from relations among nations and peoples as “consumers” based on national, territorial, local, physical, historical and separated interests that encourage division, fear, possession and hoarding of resources to relations among regional stewards of the one world and peoples as “citizens of the world of energy” based on international, global, interconnected, energy-awake, future-looking and unifying consciousness that enables cooperation, loving-understanding, abundant exchange and the unfettered flow of plenty with good for all

If you are called to help support or collaborate with any of these fields of impact, let’s talk.