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Areas of Collaboration are collaborative activities world of energy, world helpers and spiritual collaborators are actively facilitating or supporting to contribute to world well-being and progress as part of our shared story of evolving together through energy.



why world cooperation?

World Cooperation is a living energy, force and presence in the world that brings lives together to resonate through shared vision, purpose and values that uplift and better life for the benefit of all. The energies and lives stewarding cooperation contribute to nurturing and building trust, dissolving the barriers that separate, and moving from conflict to harmony with unity through multiplicity.

One of the ways to plug into the energy and presence of World Cooperation is through quarterly online international Weeks of World Cooperation in December, March, June and September.


why evolving cites + spaces?

Cities and spaces are living centers of energy, receiving, stationing, reservoiring and circulating energies in the form of world ideas, cultural movements, values, shared experiences. Cities and spaces have energy ecosystems and specific paths of evolution, just as human beings do. These planetary lives steward particular unique energies as different organs of countries’ and the planet’s energy anatomy, and people are magnetized to gather in particular cities at particular times to interact with those energies. Even cities’ nicknames can indicate the special energy they are stewarding – “the city of brotherly love” (Philadelphia), “the city that never sleeps” (New York City), “the city of light” (Paris), “the windy city” (Chicago), “the city of angels” (Los Angeles), “the imperial city” (Vienna), “the city of dreams” (Mumbai), “the lion city (Singapore), “the city of violet crown” (Athens), “the mother city” (Cape Town) – and serve as magnetic beacons to the lives who gather and circulate through them. Consider the impact on the whole body of the planet and humanity if one or many of the city lives around the world are “not feeling well”. The health and regeneration of our cities as evolving lives affect the conditions and well-being of billions.

Cities exist as one of the most significant and pioneering forces of good in the world today. In this spirit, World of Energy is actively stewarding collaboratives and projects that are helping the living energies, ecosystems and entities that are cities thrive and evolve together on their shared paths of evolution through the world of energy. A forefront collaboration at this time is the Philanthropy Stewards of Cities Project.


why world adventure + travel?

It can be said that we’re all on the great adventure of evolving together through a vast and varied world of energies. World Adventure is a living energy, force and presence of exploration, expansion, growth and impulse of discovery. Any endeavor that is exploring the questions of, what are we a part of?, what is the potential of…?, what’s beyond the current experience of…? is an expression of the spirit of World Adventure.

One of the greatest ways to make contact with the energy and presence of World Adventure is through travel with the consciousness that space and spaces are alive and that we are energies moving in and through worlds of energies.


why stimulating forces of good?

All life on this planet at this time exists in an ecosystem of energy conditioned by two fundamental energies and forces of stimulation: 1) the forces of good, shared progress and unifying collaboration for the benefit of the whole and 2) the forces of separative manipulation, regression of light and control for the benefit of a few. The living forces of good stimulating humanity and our planet are the underlying, behind-the-scenes source energies and potencies that give rise to civilizations, world-changing ideas and technologies, spiritual aspirations, educational approaches and movements towards higher values and cultures based on principles of freedom, sharing, understanding, co-creativity, love, beauty and collaboration.

World of Energy, agents of evolution and stewards of good are actively stationing and streaming energies of good as missions and acts of world collaboration in cooperation with our planetary life and its communities of evolving lives to help ensure that lives in every field of endeavor are able to recognize the reality of the stimulating forces and choose good as the way forward.


why building the bridge of progress?

All life on and in the body of this planet, Earth, is progressing and evolving together through an important collaboration: the collaboration of the Humanity Life, the Deva Life and the Planetary Life. None of these 3 lives progresses fully without the other. None evolves in isolation from the other; we are all affected and influenced by how and where each of these lives is focusing its attention, its progress and its call and response. A main mode of this collaboration is through the bridge of progress. This high-tech bridge of progress is constructed of energy by the collaboration of these 3 linked evolving lives and creates unity as a fact of reality behind the working out of human and world affairs.

One of the most meaningful ways that we can all contribute to making a difference and to world progress is actively participating in building this bridge of progress, consciously collaborating with its constructing lives and calling upon it to bring greater world friendship, understanding and community to life.


why world of energy apprenticeships?

Young lives and adventurous young lives at heart need to know that the expanded energy realities they sense are real. World of Energy Apprenticeships make the world of energy real, living and present with pathways for these lives to live, work, relate and make a difference by collaborating with and through the world of energy. These Apprenticeships reveal that World of Energy Schools already exist (often experienced during sleep time) and give lives adventurous and dynamic spaces and structures to contact and play with energies abundantly through training, frameworks, guidance and ways of living and serving magically for the benefit of all.

World of Energy Apprenticeships are currently centered around the world cause and project of Evolving Cities + Spaces, engaging lives on the path of stewards of good.


why collaborative enterprise?

Collaborative Enterprise is a living energy, force and presence that exists to steward world ideas, stimulate the unfoldment of consciousness and generate opportunities and vehicles of collaborative exchange as engines of world progress and well-being.

One of the ways to plug into the power of Collaborative Enterprise is for enterprises to be guided by a mission and culture of doing good, bringing good and sharing good through the world of energy and the collaborative reality that all is energy, evolving together through energy.


why philanthropy fueling the world of energy?

Philanthropy is a living energy, force and presence that exists as a way of abundantly circulating the planetary spirit of sharing and good. One of the main ways philanthropy contributes is serving as a circulatory system through which the lifeblood of vitality and love that is money can be stationed, shared and distributed to nourish and fuel the well-being of humanity, the planet and all lives.

There is a great and momentous opportunity for stewards of good through money and philanthropy to address world needs and progress more effectively and with greater scope and longevity of impact through the as-yet untapped expanded reality and fuller potential of philanthropy consciously fueling the reality and works of the world of energy. World of Energy is actively dedicated to reservoiring and circulating the magnetic force of good that is money in collaboration with pioneering philanthropists who respond to the call to help money and our planet evolve together through the world of energy.


why one humanity?

One Humanity is a living energy and beating heart of goodness in the world on the path of waking up to its essential goodness. Humanity at its heart is a loving life and force. It seeks to help and aid. It is a steward of the good in all. The presence of humanity in the world is a unifying force connecting each life with One Life. Our current humanity is sensing the expanded reality that life and living – our emotional life, mind life and soul life – exist beyond the physical world as we have known it to date. Collective humanity as a life is on its way to realizing the inclusive and magical reality of the one world of energy and the many living energies and citizens that compose this expanded world.

World of Energy is supporting this momentous next wave of humanity’s evolution through its waking up, sensing and realization with the “Heart of One Humanity” Project. This collaborative work focuses on sharing the reality of the world of energy, kindling the spark of good in the heart of every life into a fiery flame of good for all and helping humanity realize its role as a world steward of energies that is here to discover, nurture and evoke the good and potential in the many evolving lives that co-exist as citizens of the world of energy.


why world service?

World Service is a living energy, force and presence that exists to awaken, liberate and engage the impulse to be a part of and contribute to something greater with a spirit of benefiting all lives. World Service brings the unifying light and love that is the consciousness of the soul to recognize, support and evoke the potential that exists at the heart of every life.

One of the most meaningful ways to connect with the energy and presence of World Service is by riding the monthly high-energy waves and peaks of Weeks of World Service.


why world ideas, movements + cultures?

Much creative energy is directed towards the spreading of world ideas, movements and cultures (ways and modes of living). Many of these world ideas, movements and cultures act as positive forces of good, but many of them also act as forces to distract humanity from its path of evolving together by stimulating appetites, desires or fears. The barrage of fast food, drug and beauty advertising and media stoking the fires of violence and scandal stimulate attention and money to these areas at a time when humanity is ready and meant to be engaging its greater purpose, nobler ideas, capacity for collaboration and powerful creativity in creating a better world and brighter future for all lives.

One of the most important needs for humanity at this time is to wake up to the ocean of world ideas and substances that surrounds and shapes its experience and realize that it is an act of will and responsibility to rise out of this ocean to perceive and co-create nobler ideas and healthier movements and collaborative ways of living for the good of all.



why world friendship and communities?

World Friendship is not just an idea: It is a living energy, force and presence that stimulates good and builds bridges of understanding. All lives are highly stimulated by incoming energies during this window of the emerging world of energy. Some respond with the impulse to good and unify and others with the impulse to divide and separate. World Friendship and World Good Communities that foster World Friendship are needed forces to support people, world leaders, organizations and countries to be able to respond to and stand for good for all.

One of the ways to bring greater World Friendship to life is forming World Good Communities around important causes and world ideas such as compassionate vegan living, harmonizing world relations for world progress, healing and regenerating world issues and evolving cities and spaces. An online WorldGood Atlas is one of the works of this project to help lives find each other and form World Good Communities.


why world affairs + governance?

All that we see happening in world affairs and governance are effects set in motion by causes and stimulating forces that are generally currently not consciously recognized, known or applied by those making decisions, setting policies and engaged in negotiations. These decisions, policies and negotiations in this day and age of the emerging world of energy reality are incomplete if they are not informed by an understanding of countries as evolving lives with ecosystems of influencing energies, forces and actions accrued over hundreds to thousands of years that are shaping current relations. Modern conflicts are much more than the tensions on the ground; they are often recyclings of previous conflicts and impulses such as we are seeing today with the re-emergence of patterns and points of crisis that were stimulated and active during World Wars I and II. Modern alliances are much more than political, regional or strategic affinities. There are energies that create attractions and repulsions among nations and planetary-scale workings out of relations through the medium of populations and politicians.

Some of the most effective ways world affairs and governance can be evolved are through more awareness on the part of those active in these fields of the reality of stimulating forces of good and through learning about and engaging with the key collaboratives that exist and are active, available and calling for conscious cooperation at a world scale. Cooperation is needed from world citizens, world helpers, philanthropists and lives involved in world affairs and governance who are responsive to the emerging world of energy and its accompanying world ideas, new realities and opportunities for collaboration.


why world meditation?

It is said that worlds are created through meditation, including our universe as we know it. An edgy idea, right?! But imagine what that means if it’s a reality. In the emerging world of energy, it is. In this reality, which is emerging in response to humanity’s progressions and calls through world need, meditation is the foundation of the creative work of true building and the magical work of living and manifestation. As we unfold our consciousness, the significance and meaning of meditation evolves with us. Meditation places us in contact with the energy and electricity of expanded worlds of reality.

Forms of meditation can be infinite:

  • Words said with the energy and force of will and a directed intent are meditation.
  • Ideas perceived and brought from inner imagining into outer form are meditation.
  • Expertise and experience through study, experiment and application are meditation.
  • Loving is meditation.
  • Listening to the breath is meditation.
  • Consciously exploring still space within is meditation.
  • Contemplating on a problem or need and perceiving a solution is meditation.
  • Connecting with the oneness of all life is meditation
  • Losing one’s sense of self in service is meditation.

The living energy of meditation is a next step for humanity to realize on its path towards being wielder of energy for good as world steward. World meditation is an incoming culture and way of living that consciously applies and collaborates with the reality that all is energy, evolving together through energy, for the good of all.

One of the most significant ways of bringing the energies of world meditation to life is through daily exploring and embodying of the idea, reality and shared story that all is energy, evolving together through energy, for the good of all.


If you are called to help or collaborate with any of these projects of evolving together through the world of energy, let’s talk.