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“these 8 world causes and works” are profoundly important world needs, collaborative endeavors and potent opportunities being focused on at this time by world of energy and collaborating lives.



vision, direction and goal
drifting about life and pursuing misdirecting material interests at the detriment of others and the physical and super-physical worlds of our planetary life without a clear understanding of who we really are and what we are really part of to actively being engaged as our super-physical selves participating in the great adventure and shared story of evolving together through the world of energy for the benefit of all.

The story of bringing the world of energy to life as a unifying force of good is as old as time, ever-present and is now emerging as one of the most momentous causes and collaborative next steps upon the way of realizing world good on earth. In earth time, our great story of bringing the world of energy to life is many millions of years in the making. And now here we stand, human beings, living souls, millions upon millions of life forms interconnected and evolving with each other as part of the greater enveloping lives we are just getting to know as earth, our solar system, our stars and galaxy, and these all as part of one great unifying existence. So here we stand with one another, apart from one another and somewhere in between? Who are we, what are we, why are we here, where have we come from, where is this great story bringing us, what is it that links us all, every one of us? We are now on the way and path of discovering the answers and realizations to these essential questions through the reality that All is Energy. I am energy, you are energy, we are all energy living, moving and being through a unifying existence of energies, the world of energy. We are all part of this great adventure of the world of energy as living energies. Now what?

3 unifying world ideas and missions will play key roles in bringing us together on our shared story ahead.

1st – the mission of citizens of the world of energy – lives will come together around, explore, realize and invest in the reality that we are all, all lives and forms of life, citizens not only of the physical world, but also the one unifying world of living energies. It will be a collaborative world endeavor to get in touch with, understand and nurture the energies, purposes, consciousnesses and sparks of life in all life forms. Tune in on the true purpose, nature and role of Humanity as a citizen of the world of energy. It will be a great adventure where all lives will be realized as valued citizens of the world of energy.

2nd – the mission of the world collaboration – lives will come together around, explore, realize and invest in the reality that a world collaborative of energies, forces and lives dedicated to good for all exists on our planet. We will realize that our shared progress through the worlds of energy, physical, emotional, mental, soul and higher worlds, are guided by the existence of a world plan of good or blueprint for evolving together. Every life exists as part of a collaboration of evolving lives and is impulsed by guiding purpose and an unfolding plan.

3rd – the mission of trekking evolution through energy – lives will come together around, explore, realize and invest in the reality of trekking evolution and the path of progress through worlds of energy. It’s part of our great trek and path to discover the energies, potentials, ideas and powers are we are here to steward and to develop them, realize them, wield them and share them as forces of good for the benefit of all.

And so here we stand together, readied and on the way to help bring our shared story of evolving together through the world of energy to life for the benefit of all.



vision, direction and goal
being consumed, clouded and confused by conditions and forces of regress and existence without higher purpose to knowing as a universal fact and engaging the reality that we are on the way of evolving together as part of a great world collaboration of living energies being guided by a world plan of good and planetary purpose that benefits and uplifts the progress of every life.

We all exist as living parts of a unifying world collaboration of energies and forces that is progressively being realized, stimulating the spark of life, awakening the light of consciousness and informing the purpose, plans and path of evolution within all lives.

Every energy and life in form, perceptible and imperceptible, is on its way of actively and magically collaborating with this one unifying world collaboration of living energies. Our Milky Way Galaxy, all the stars and planets known and unknown, our sun, and our planet earth with all it inhabitants are centers of living energy on the way of evolving together through the world of living energies.

Many great centers of living energy and collaboration exist on our planet as forces of good, evolving on their paths of progress and supporting the shared evolution of our planetary life and its citizens. These centers (or kingdoms) of collaboration and shared evolution include:

– The Place of Puprose or the planetary crown collaborative and center of will energies and forces

– The Community of Souls or the planetary heart collaborative and center of love energies and forces

– Humanity or the planetary throat collaborative and center of intelligence energies and forces

– The Devas or the planetary collaborative and center of building energies and forces

4 ideas will be guiding forces of progress as we move forward into greater world collaboration

1 – A world collaborative of lives dedicated to good exists on our planet for the benefit and shared evolution of all

2 – A world plan of good for all exists in the heart of our planetary life and the heart of every evolving life guided by a purpose of evolving together

3 – We are citizens of not only the physical world, we are also on the way of evolving together as citizens of the super-physical worlds of energy, living and being.

4 – We are being called to engage with new, expanded and revelatory energies and approaches for evolving together in the spirit of world friendship, world collaboration and world stewardship as we trek our shared path of progress ahead.

It is our immediate path ahead to wake up and bring realization to the fuller collaborative purposes, plans and paths of our shared evolution, individually, in networked groups of collaboration and with the many living centers of our planetary collaboration.



vision, direction and goal
from lives being unknowingly impacted, disoriented, diverted and diminished by the lower magnetic pull of separative, materialistic forces and impulsing energies to lives actively, consciously and collaboratively directing their energies and attention to bringing light to all lives through the stimulating forces of good, goodwill and will-to-good

All major events in the course of humanity’s existence have been expressions of response to stimulating energies and incoming world ideas. All life on this planet at this time exists in an ecosystem of energy conditioned by two of these fundamental energies and forces of stimulation: 1) the forces of good, shared progress and unifying collaboration for the benefit of the whole and 2) the forces of separative manipulation, regression of light and control for the benefit of a few. The living forces of good stimulating humanity and our planet are the underlying, behind-the-scenes source energies and potencies that give rise to civilizations, world-changing ideas and technologies, spiritual aspirations, educational approaches and movements towards higher values and cultures based on principles of freedom, sharing, understanding, co-creativity, love, beauty and collaboration. Humanity has ever progressed towards the reality of collaborating with the stimulating forces of good. Now, in this point of planetary and human tension and decision, is the time to wake up to this reality. Especially during key points of planetary and human tension and points of decision, the energy bodies, thoughts and ecosystems of people, groups, regions and whole cultures can be unknowingly impacted and disoriented by the lower magnetic pull of separative, materialistic forces and impulsing energies. At key moments and windows of world progress, communities and whole regions can be actively supported with energies of good to help evoke true potential, higher principles and unifying values, and separative stimulating forces that tend to evoke reactionary consciousness and regressive action can be dissipated and decommissioned.

how this cause can help world need

  • generating fit conditions to safeguard, stimulate and support the current and future progress of our planetary life
  • averting world disasters
  • mitigating global emergencies and catastrophic risks
  • acting as a powerful, magnetic force supporting and guiding humanity on its collaborative shared path of evolution
  • lives in every field of endeavor recognizing the reality of stimulating forces and choosing good as the way forward



vision, direction and goal
unreal, outdated and artificial constructs, systems and norms that imprison, limit and delay the growth of healthy, loving and abundant relations among citizens of the world to building good relations and nurturing inclusive living with all evolving citizens of the world.

It is a known truth that we co-exist with a great diversity of lives on our planet. What will be one of the greatest and most beautiful realizations and pinnacles of human progress is that we will recognize these co-inhabitants of earth as valued and nurtured co-citizens of the world who we are here to actively understand and build good relations with. We will come to realize and direct our effort and resources to establishing good relations on earth among all its citizens, and we will then realize non-physically incarnated lives exist as valued world citizens. With this realization, we will continue onward to expand our field of inclusive living into building good relations with extra-planetary citizens of the world of energy. On our journey of building good relations, we will not only recognize and get to know the form that the citizen embodies, but we will also endeavor to realize, understand and collaborate with the evolving life, the consciousness expressing through its perceivable form and the distinctive energies, capacities and roles the citizen is a valued steward of. Building good relations is one of our greatest adventures – building good “horizontal relations” with the lives and worlds we currently know, and building good “vertical relations” with the life and energies we are just waking up to and getting to know.

Citizens of the world that we are on the path of building good relations and inclusive living with include:

> Mineral lives as citizens of the world
> Plant lives as citizens of the world
> Animal lives as citizens of the world
> Human lives as citizens of the world
> Soul lives as citizens of the world
> Nation lives as citizens of the world
> City lives as citizens of the world
> Deva lives as citizens of the world
> Planetary lives as citizens of the world
> Solar lives as citizens of the world

Along our great journey of building good relations and inclusive living with all citizens of the world, the keynotes of freedom, loving understanding, goodwill, friendship and stewardship will be a shared culture.



vision, direction and goal
from humanity over-identifying with the form side of life to humanity waking up to its soul and expressing itself as a world steward of energies for good

Humanity is a living center of energies on Earth, emerging as the conscious throat center of our Planetary Life. As the emerging throat center, humanity has a task of conceiving, creating, building, interpreting and communicating the purpose of its soul and collaborating with the plan of our Planetary Life. Because of this role, it is natural for humanity to focus on the form side of life, bringing the capacity to create great beauty, but also a tendency to over-invest in form, which produces crystallization and imprisoning constructs. We can see this occurring in nearly every field of endeavor as points of tension, conflict and deep questioning. After building forms that become limiting to growth, all lives need to break through the forms into larger spaces of expanded truths and realities. Humanity’s consciousness is now at this point, decrystallizing many of the forms it has built by expanding into waking up to its soul. The nature of the soul is oneness, and the awakening of humanity into its soul is its awakening as a whole into its reality as One Humanity, citizen of the world of energy trekking its path of evolution through energy. Humanity’s story of evolution is the story of its call and response with energies and the world of energy it is part of. At its heart, humanity is a steward of energies for good. It’s a force of harmony through contrast, bridging and harmonizing the duality of spiritual energies and the energies of matter. With this unique power, it is destined to help light up and evoke the soul in all lives, just as it is now learning to contact and wield the light of its own soul.

how this cause can help world need


  • alleviating much of the suffering present in the world today
  • preventing future unnecessary suffering and conflict
  • releasing and regenerating from ancient and past reservoirs of fear, hate and greed
  • ensuring humanity’s bright future through the collaborative spirit of world stewardship
  • freeing energy, creativity, relationships and resources to flow abundantly, playfully and equitably for the good of all



vision, direction and goal
from the planet with its cities and spaces being limited in their full potential and purpose by being treated as purely physical meeting grounds and selfishly “owned” resources – which breeds wasteful living, amplified lower appetites and separative movements – to our planet, cities and spaces being recognized and nurtured as living centers of energy and networks of shared commons hosting the evolution, progress and development of our most beautiful modes of living, brightest world ideas and highest values

Cities and spaces are living entities in the reality of the world of energy. They serve as inlets, outposts and distributors for major streams of planetary forces that contribute to world progress and generate planetary atmospheres and weather systems that affect lives all over the planet. Every city is on its individual path of evolution, and its current state of development and well-being has the capacity to influence and impact billions of lives. The vibe of a city – expressed through its residents, architecture, natural resources, culture, attitudes, ventures, events – is the reflection of the energy nature, electricity and light of the city, and it is this living energy and intelligence behind the outer vibe and form that acts as a magnet, attracting different lives to resonate with different cities at different times. It is primarily for this reason that humanity circulates about the planet. As humanity becomes more sensitive to the stimulating impulses of energies as part of its evolutionary progress, more and more lives are gathering into cities, responding to the powerfully magnetic pull of urban clusters as centers of activity, stations of energy and sources of opportunity. What humanity brings to cities affects the cities’ consciousness, energy ecosystem, well-being and how they function. As humanity wakes up to the reality of the world of energy and its role as One Humanity, World Steward, we are now approaching an opportunity and need to relate more consciously and responsibly with cities as what they really are: large-scale, major planetary points and forces for organizing and guiding enterprise, culture, progress and world relations with the wise understanding and application of incoming ideas, inventions and technologies.

how this cause can help world need


  • improving the living conditions, quality of opportunities and health of billions of people
  • more informed, effective and sustainable planning and development of cities and spaces as centers of energy
  • ensuring world progress through cities being recognized, supported and stewarded as evolving lives
  • bringing the world plan of good to life through the world community and collaboration of cities, nations and spaces



vision, direction and goal
from an era of over-directing thought, desire, physical resources and money into endeavors that toxify, diminish, imprison, englamor and produce rampant waste to enlivening the spirit of loving reciprocity and abundant exchange as a key to liberating humanity, the planet and all lives into plenty for the good of all

Money is a living fiery energy and vessel of sharing and exchanging energies. It is a life designed to be highly sensitive and responsive to stimulating energies and forces. It will respond, and as with human beings, whether it responds to the stimulating forces of good or the stimulating forces of materialism depends on the interests and consciousness of those wielding these money lives. Our national, enterprise and individual attitudes and interactions with money and how we direct it have a major impact and influence in creating world conditions, atmospheres and experiences. Much of the world conflict, widening inequities and points of tension being experienced around the globe have been produced through a long history of money being wielded for selfish ends by highly manipulative and skillful selfish monied interests impulsed (largely unknowingly, but sometimes knowingly) by the influence of the stimulating forces of materialism. Through humanity’s evolution and the reactionary forces and points of tension and decision this evolution have invoked, we face a great necessity and opportunity to shift this tide. One of the most effective ways we can do this on the needed large scale is fueling the world of energy and evolving philanthropy. When those world helpers and stewards of money and philanthropy are consciously wielding them in cooperation with the stimulating forces of good and the world plan of good, energy-awake ways of living and the works that are helping and freeing the evolving consciousness in all forms to express their potential, beauty, light, good and purpose will be one of the most highly valued currencies in society.

how this cause can help world need


  • money in the billions consciously being dedicated and directed to world upliftment and progress
  • billions saved due to averting unnecessary conditions, traps and diversions
  • infusing money and its world reservoirs with the spirit and culture of helping, sharing and world exchange and breaking it free from the cycling eddy of selfish, possessive uses
  • eliminating the buying of people’s will and favor and the direction of our world being forced and dictated by the interests of a few
  • rectifying unhealthy and destabilizing imbalances in resource distribution and access to opportunity
  • world helpers gathering in the spirit of world collaboration to actively reservoir and circulate money in the billions to fuel the active and externalizing world of energy endeavors for the good of all
  • ensuring humanity’s and the planet’s future with a shift in focus and identity from world consumerism to world citizenship



vision, direction and goal
from lives existing as uninvolved, static and latent potentials of good and powers of evolution to being awakened and active citizens of the world, ambassadors of good and agents of evolution bringing world good to life and trekking the way of living energies.

We start here with a simple and infinitely profound truth about our existence that frames who we are, what we are about and why.

All is energy,
on the way evolving together through energies,
for the good of all.

This is a view and guide for our ultimate expedition together,
a shared purpose, a unifying plan and a collective project for all evolving lives.
It’s a vision, a direction and a goal for our shared trek of evolving together ahead.

We are all living energies,
trekking the way of evolving together through the world of living energies,
as parts of and for the good of all.

We are, individually, in our communities and as a whole, on the great adventure of waking up to and collaborating with this emerging Reality.

From citizens – to active citizens of the world – to self-realized forces of good – to dedicated agents of evolution stewarding world progress – trekking as energies, with energies and through energies – is our full-time existence. From point to point, we are trekking the path of evolving through energy. Humanity, the 3 kingdoms of Nature (mineral, plant, animal), Deva evolution, our Planet and even our Sun are all on a path of progress through the world of living energies.

In our near future, trekking of the way of living energies and the ultimate expedition of evolving together through energy will be one of the most valued fields of human endeavor and magical ways of bringing world good to life.

If you are called to help or collaborate with any of these causes bringing good through the world of energy, let’s talk.